"Spinning Wheels"  represents Deny always on his way (turning his wheels around) to give you a great vacation!

Deny speaks English and sufficient Dutch.

He can arrange the whole trip for you, you can tell him what you want to see, or you can leave it to Deny. He will then create a wonderful journey for you that fits in the number of days you are on Java.



1 - 4 persons: 50 euros

4 - 9 persons: 75 euro

9 people are maximum.

 It is important to know that the maximum driving time per day is 10 hours. Every two hours a rest period. All this in terms of safety for both the traveler and the driver.

 Not included: overnight stays, meals, admission fees, local guides etc. These prices apply as long as petrol prices are not drastically increased. Changes are immediately posted on the website.

 Keep in mind that empty run days are calculated. This is because the driver / guide drives an empty car home. From the ferry to Bali back to Bogor it is 2 days. The same applies, of course, if you start your journey with Deny in Bali: he will have to drive to you with an empty car.


Important Dates: In 2018, the Ramadan begins on May 17th. Idul Fitry (Sugar Party) is on 15, 16, 17 June.

A visa is required to enter Indonesia. You can buy that on arrival in Indonesia. But you can do that in the Netherlands as well via Access Indonesia. If you have questions about obtaining a visa or if you want to make an appointment with Access Indonesia, you can call or email: Phone: 070 8875020. Mobile: 0651152727. Email:

Contact person for Deny Rusnandi in the Netherlands is Marjoke Verschoor. Contact her via phone at  0492 474657, or use the contact form on the website (sent to

To contact Deny Rusnandi Directly: Telephone: 0062 812 9232 708 , Email: